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3 Princesses and a Boy

This baby boy steals my heart weekly. I had the pleasure of meeting him as a tiny little guy, and I get to see him in his mothers arms in Church weekly. A couple weeks ago, I held him and he nuzzled his head into my neck and I melted. He melts me every time […]

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Baby on the Way

My dear friend moved here from Argentina. She married last year, and is now expecting her first baby. She has a bundle of boy on the way and I can not wait to meet him. In the meantime we had a blast doing this photo session. She came to my house and we drove together […]

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The question of location is always asked during scheduling a session. I have places that I am used to going that are open to the public. Sometimes it’s a private location that I get permission to use. Other times it is my client that knows of a place. This client had a friend with a […]

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An Old Factory

When I first moved to the area, I spent weeks just driving around looking for special places to take photos. Basically location scouting for my clients. One day, I drove a pretty good distance from Peachtree City and I stumbled across this old Purina pet food factory. The weeds were high and the metal from […]

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A Senior in Serenbee

This was a very fun session. This senior and her mother were fun to work with at the atmosphere was amazing. For this session we went to Serenbee. It is a small community not that far from Peachtree City, and also not that far from Atlanta. It is extremely unique and is made of four […]

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A World Traveler

Wow, once again it has been a while since I have posted. Happily, that means I have been swamped and haven’t had time to write. I carved out today especially, just so that I could bring some images to all of you. I love sharing your beautiful smiles and the milestones that you reach. Really, […]

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A Cold Fall Morning in Delaware

Or maybe Maryland? I know I had to cut through Delaware to get there, but now I’m thinking it was the Maryland Panhandle…Hmm. Anyway, it was beautiful. Right now in the beginning of October I just can’t get enough of sharing fall picture in the North. This was a pretty location at a park with […]

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The Piano Player

All about the lighting. Usually I like to work with natural light. You hear this often when looking around for a photographer. The term “natural light photographer”. A¬†photographer may genuinely prefer the use of natural light. They may like the less artificial look. They may just like the way they can play with sun light […]

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A Photo Session in Chesapeake City, Maryland

I am originally from Maryland. My love for sunny weather and my dislike of more than 3 days of snow, caused me to raise my family in Georgia. Every Fall, I miss my home state. This September has me sitting here in my office just south of Atlanta thinking of what I would be doing […]

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A Senior in Senoia

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