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3 Princesses and a Boy

This baby boy steals my heart weekly. I had the pleasure of meeting him as a tiny little guy, and I get to see him in his mothers arms in Church weekly. A couple weeks ago, I held him and he nuzzled his head into my neck and I melted. He melts me every time that I see him.

His three sisters are beauties and bundles of sweet energy. He is a lucky little boy.









Little “L” is Here

You may recognize these parents from an earlier maternity session. Well, their little princess has arrived and here she is. Enjoy!


20 Fingers and 20 Toes

This session has so many of my favorite photos it was hard to just pick a few to share.

I started this session by working with just the baby boy.  He is such a peaceful little guy. The only noises he made were tiny little baby coos. I melted each time I focused on his little details.  His sister was equally adorable to work with and a bit more feisty. I think that is evident in one of the black and white photos that I am sharing below.  As we set up the shot to capture a pose where a baby rests their chin on their arms, she surprised me by insisting on lifting up her head. I still can’t believe that shot.

I titled this session 20 Fingers and 20 Toes because of big sister. She counted each toe for me as we snapped the photos of her with her siblings.



3 Ponds, 2 Bridges, and a Willow Tree

I came across this location while on one of the golf cart paths here in Peachtree City.  My boys and I were heading to t-ball and were winding our way around some new paths.  I fell in love as soon as I came upon this location.  Three ponds, two bridges and willow trees.   I couldn’t wait to meet with my client and try out this new location. When the day came, I was thrilled to meet this really sweet couple. They were up for every idea that I had in mind and this location offered up plenty.



Button Nose and Chubby Cheeks

Meet the newest member of my family.  Little “N”, is my cousin’s daughter and is now the youngest in their family of four girls.  Each one of the sisters has button noses and chubby cheeks.  They are irresistible and so I had to focus on them.

I love that I get this time photographing each new baby in my family. A moment where no one else gets to play with them, just me!



Tiny Twins


By now you all know that photographing little ones melt me. You can just imagine how much I enjoyed this session. Can you believe they slept almost the entire time! Unheard of! They did.  It was as if they knew that they were the first twins that I have photographed and wanted to take it easy on me.  Every once in a while, one would open their eye and just take a little peek around.

Enjoy and get ready to melt!


9 Day Old Little “e”

Babies melt me.  Simple.  The photo session with this little one was no different.  I love coming into a shoot and seeing a little one in a peaceful loving home.  To photograph joy is such a wonderful job.  I loved snapping photos as she was soothed by her mothers voice.  I melted as her daddy kissed her forehead, and this little nine day old actually reached her face to nuzzle him closer.  Enjoy.

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9 Month Milestone

What a happy baby!  This little guy was full of expressions for me.  Every time I look at the first photo published here, I can‘t help smiling. This little guy came to be photographed for his nine month milestone.

I was super happy to use my new macro lens on this little guy.  In some of the last photos pictured here, I focused on details of his face and of his mother and him interacting.  The intimacy that the macro lens captures is amazing.


Preschool Fundraiser

I haven’t been able to blog on a consistent basis in a while.  I always make sure that I  hit deadlines for my clients and that they receive their photos within 3-7 days after a session.  Sometimes the blog has to take a back seat in order for that to happen.

These photos are a compilation of three families that I had the opportunity to photograph during a preschool fundraiser.

I want to thank all of my clients for making this year so wonderfully successful that it required me to be a bad blogger. THANK YOU!


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A Baby and A Hammock


Many times  a photo just comes together magically.  When I walked into my clients backyard I saw the hammock. When I knelt for the shot the sun just filtered in beautifully. I think that many times God sets up the shot, and I just snap the shutter.