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The Piano Player

All about the lighting.

Usually I like to work with natural light. You hear this often when looking around for a photographer. The term “natural light photographer”. A photographer may genuinely prefer the use of natural light. They may like the less artificial look. They may just like the way they can play with sun light to get different looks due to position of subject or even time of day.  If you have interest in photography, and you’d like to know more about lighting, here is a fantastic article by Darlene Hildebrandt.

I call myself a natural light photographer. I just love to play with what lighting the natural environment provides. There are times though when I make an exception. This location was one of those times. The auditorium was pitch black. I used some different arrangements of spot lights that the venue had. To that, I also used some of my own lights.

This sweet girl is beyond talented and has some talented shoes to fill with family that worked in Motown.  The session was meant to highlight each of her talents. It was my pleasure to work with her and her family.


A Real Small Town

The town used in this senior photo session is called Haralson, and I affectionately refer to it as my little ghost town.  There are only about 50 households on the neighboring streets and the entire town is only .7 square miles.  It is the main street that I fell for.

One of the buildings has a marking of 1909 upon its brick broken step.  Most of the buildings are just store fronts with a door and merchant windows.  If you walk to the side of the buildings, you will find that the walls are missing as are the roofs.  Instead of floor tile, you find trees and flowers growing.  Doors are hung without the glass centers, making it possible to just walk through.  All the buildings are made of different textures.  Several of the buildings are brick, several more are wood, and then there are the magnificent metal structures that were part of a plant back in another time.   The town speaks of a time that has since passed.  It is my photographer’s paradise.

The day I scouted the town, I noticed that something seemed off.  While all of the structure seems old, there were a couple of buildings where some of the oldness seemed new.  It took but a moment to figure out that the movie “The Wettest County in the World” with Shai LaBeouf, had built the set as an extension to the real town. I figured it out once I turned the corner of one structure and realized the buildings were just facades and the backs we new raw plywood.  This was the second time that a place I scouted turned out to be part of this movie.  The set no longer stands but the beauty of the real town still remains.

My client liked the idea of the town I described to her and was not shy to enter the rubble and bring the photos of my imagination to life.  I hope you enjoy.



The Belly Dancer

I recently photographed a fitness photo shoot.  When I arrived, I was surprised to find that one of my fitness subjects was a belly dancer.  The outfit was stunning, and immediately I knew I wanted to capture the details as well as the wind in the veils.  I had only two hours to photograph three women, a total of six outfits, and make sure I covered Zumba, muscle fitness, and belly dancing.  I wished I had more time!

As soon as I saw the belly dancer, I immediately envisioned her standing in sand or better yet putting her in the middle of busy pedestrian sidewalk with traffic in downtown Atlanta (I love a good juxtaposition!).  Due to the time restriction, I had to stick to just the one location. I found a small spot of trees on the side of the road next to the gym.  She was able to transform the space immediately.  It’s not every day that a belly dancer is in front of my lens, but if it happens again, downtown Atlanta here we come.


I Knew Him When

He has been entertaining our family since the age of two.  This year he took to the stage in a play and entertained a large audience in New Jersey.  I can only wonder what is next for him.  I can’t wait to one day say “See that guy on the red carpet.  That’s my baby cousin.”

This was an impromptu session taken in the backyard during Easter. I have a few of these family sessions posted. I love that I had the opportunity to document my family. Enjoy.