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Baby on the Way

My dear friend moved here from Argentina. She married last year, and is now expecting her first baby. She has a bundle of boy on the way and I can not wait to meet him. In the meantime we had a blast doing this photo session. She came to my house and we drove together to the local nature preserve. There is a pretty lake area, but my favorite spot is the shoals. The water was freezing so we stayed on the rocks. The lighting was perfect and highlighted this magical time for my friend.








3 Ponds, 2 Bridges, and a Willow Tree

I came across this location while on one of the golf cart paths here in Peachtree City.  My boys and I were heading to t-ball and were winding our way around some new paths.  I fell in love as soon as I came upon this location.  Three ponds, two bridges and willow trees.   I couldn’t wait to meet with my client and try out this new location. When the day came, I was thrilled to meet this really sweet couple. They were up for every idea that I had in mind and this location offered up plenty.



My Friend

Before Georgia, I lived in Pennsylvania for six years.  During that time, I was lucky to meet a wonderful friend and form the kind of friendship that many miles apart do not bring to an end. A few months ago, my friend called to tell me she is pregnant.  Of course I had to see her and photograph her. So as soon as I could get back to the North, I set out to photograph her as she awaits her newest little bundle.  So here she is, my dear friend.



Waiting for Little “L”

This sweet couple is waiting for their little baby girl. Happily, I will be photographing her once she is here.  I look forward to meeting the little princess that will soon be wearing these adorable silver baby shoes.   Enjoy!

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Shifting Focus

The first time that I saw Nicole, was when she was one of my son’s preschool teachers.  I immediately thought she would be beautiful to photograph, and I was pleased to find that she was also a beautiful person. She has a sweet and gentle way about her that works perfectly with children.

It was then my pleasure, to be hired by the staff of the preschool, as a baby shower gift to her.  During the shoot it was neat to see this person who spends so much time with the children of others, get to just enjoy her own.

I look forward to photographing her little girl soon.  What a wonderful shift, she has focused on my child, now I can focus on hers.