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Young Love

I walk away from each of my photo sessions happy with the moments that I shared with my clients. I get to see them anticipating births, new parents nuzzling newborns, couples in love, families laughing together, and high school students excited about the adventure they are about to start. I love documenting all types of moments.  That being said, this one stole my heart.



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9 Month Milestone

What a happy baby!  This little guy was full of expressions for me.  Every time I look at the first photo published here, I can‘t help smiling. This little guy came to be photographed for his nine month milestone.

I was super happy to use my new macro lens on this little guy.  In some of the last photos pictured here, I focused on details of his face and of his mother and him interacting.  The intimacy that the macro lens captures is amazing.


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A Smashing Good Time

A smashing first birthday! I love this type of session. I call it a smashing cake session.  Usually the child is turning one but it is a cute photo for any age toddler.  The session involves a general photo shoot plus the grand finale! For the grand finale, the child is typically just dressed in cute bottoms and ends up wearing very colorful frosting every place else while smashing into a birthday cake.

This photo shoot was done in the Elkton Maryland. I was so happy to meet this little one.  She is one of the happiest little girls. Not only did she smile constantly for me, but in one shot she actually cracked up. I am thrilled to share these photos with you. She is sure to bring a smile to your day.



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I Knew Him When

He has been entertaining our family since the age of two.  This year he took to the stage in a play and entertained a large audience in New Jersey.  I can only wonder what is next for him.  I can’t wait to one day say “See that guy on the red carpet.  That’s my baby cousin.”

This was an impromptu session taken in the backyard during Easter. I have a few of these family sessions posted. I love that I had the opportunity to document my family. Enjoy.


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My Family

This is my family. They live in Pennsylvania and I live in Georgia. When we are able to get together it is wonderful. We are a very close family. Somehow aunts and cousins all feel like siblings. Now that I live down here, I appreciate the time I have with them even more.  On this day, I wanted to take a little of them with me when I came back home.  So we had an impromptu session in the backyard. Kisses…



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All Grown Up

Neenah is not a stranger of being in front of the lens.  As a child she has been in national advertising campaigns. Now as nearly a high school graduate, she has launched a singing career. I remember walking the streets of Washington D.C., seeing Neenah’s face go by on the side of a Metro bus.  Another time I remember sitting on my sofa watching TV, and seeing her in a commercial walking with Neil Armstrong.  The last time I had Neenah on the other side of my lens, it was a video camera, and she was about 4 years old. I was shooting a public service video for college, and she was my star. Now many years later she was in front of my camera lens again. She now lives in California, so when I think of her, I think of sunshine.  I decided to play with the use of the sun as my filter in these photos.


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Little Leila

Leila plays with dolls and wears pretty dresses. She also tackles little boys like a pro football player. This day we focused on Leila in the pretty dress.


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My Men

This is the first time my little guys are on the blog. They are very used to mommy and her camera. Often I hear “mommy enough!” while I try new techniques on them. This just makes me click more since I love their pouts.

While my husband was driving to Church on Easter, I was daydreaming and looking out the window.  I saw this tree line near a park. I loved how all the tree trunks formed a pattern, and I just wanted to get into the mix of them. Immediately after Church, I rushed home and grabbed my camera, and for subjects, I asked the men in my life to just walk around the trees. This is some of what they gave me.

202 - Copy.JPG225 - Copy.JPG244 - Copy.JPG290 - Copy.JPG299 - Copy.JPG


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