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3 Princesses and a Boy

This baby boy steals my heart weekly. I had the pleasure of meeting him as a tiny little guy, and I get to see him in his mothers arms in Church weekly. A couple weeks ago, I held him and he nuzzled his head into my neck and I melted. He melts me every time that I see him.

His three sisters are beauties and bundles of sweet energy. He is a lucky little boy.









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A Photo Session in Chesapeake City, Maryland

I am originally from Maryland. My love for sunny weather and my dislike of more than 3 days of snow, caused me to raise my family in Georgia. Every Fall, I miss my home state. This September has me sitting here in my office just south of Atlanta thinking of what I would be doing if I was in Maryland. Wow do I miss the Fall in the North! We would be picking apples to make pies and apples sauce with. We would be going pumpkin picking while bundled in sweaters and hats. We would be crunching our way through beautifully colored leaves. Possibly, my most favorite of all,  is that we would be eating apple spice doughnuts from Milburn Orchards.

I have been a very bad blogger. My last post was in 2012! Thankfully I have been very busy capturing photos constantly since my last blog. I just haven’t taken the time to write about each session.  But I am back and I decided that the first pictures up would be from a session that I did in Chesapeake City surrounded my crisp fall air and the colors a crispy leaves.

141.JPG217.JPG243.JPG248.JPG257.JPG276.JPG285.JPG298.JPG349.JPG357.JPG402 - Copy.JPG407.JPG


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Father and Sons

These photos of a father with his two boys are simply special.  Now I know what I am going to do with my own husband and sons for Father’s Day!

This session was taken as part of a fundraiser for a local club. These little guys were so sweet and as you can see, adorable.  Enjoy!


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Only 7 Days Old and Pretty in Pink

I had the pleasure of photographing this little seven day old baby girl.  Photographing a baby is something special.  The sessions are mostly serene and you get to really focus on the details like peach fuzz on ears and chubby little baby hands.  All you hear in the room is the click of the camera and a tiny little baby grunt here and there as they stretch into another adorable pose. You also get to see first time parents, caring for their children and you document them developing this relationship.

This session had an added element. The baby’s grandmother was there lending a hand to the new parents.  We were able to take some photos of the grandmother and mother dynamic.  The photos that came from that part of the session make me tear up each time I look at them.  I love the relationship that you can see between grandmother and mother, there is so much going in the looks between them.  It brings to life why I love candid photography, pure emotion.

I truly enjoyed capturing this entire new family at the start of their new life together. It took me back to when my children were first born, only in my case there was blue everywhere and here the baby is pretty in pink.





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