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9 Month Milestone

What a happy baby!  This little guy was full of expressions for me.  Every time I look at the first photo published here, I can‘t help smiling. This little guy came to be photographed for his nine month milestone.

I was super happy to use my new macro lens on this little guy.  In some of the last photos pictured here, I focused on details of his face and of his mother and him interacting.  The intimacy that the macro lens captures is amazing.


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I am very excited to share this shoot with all of you.  I have shot at this location a few other times,  but this was the first time there with a male client.  It always amazes me, how different a location can look simply because of the subject. But this location is almost unrecognizable. Although I do mostly candid shots I do provide direction at times.  I love the challenge of knowing which direction to give my client. Male and female poses are very different, as are child poses.  Just like when writing, one must think about the subject and the audience.  Giving direction during a shoot requires the same thought.

As always I ask my clients if they would like to bring something important to them to the session.  It can make a photo that much more meaningful.  This client brought his saxophone.  I really love the details of a photo, so the photos of him playing are some of my favorite.


109.JPG277.JPG270.JPG327.JPG032.JPG144.JPG164 - Copy.JPG170.JPG174.JPG197.JPG266.JPG342.JPG372.JPG


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Chocolate O’hara

This session started with my client wearing a pair of jeans standing in a barn.  The session ended with my client in a dress, sitting on a chair, in the middle of a creek.  I love it when a client is up for anything.

Two days before this shoot, I knew the client wanted water in some of her photos.  She chose an area that has shoals.  Having hiked there in the past, I was familiar with the area.  While imagining the area, I stood in front of my props and the blue chair jumped out at me.  Who doesn’t just sit in a chair in the middle of a creek?  So I packed it in my car and when we arrived to the site, my client took to the scene and made it look like she did this every day.  Love it!

I also love the unplanned props that drop on our laps during a shoot.  While at a fairgrounds where we did the rest of the shoot, I saw a sign and liked the shape and had my client pose with it.  As I was focusing the shot, I began to read the sign through my lens and fell in love.  I pointed it out to her mom who beamed when she read it.  It read Chocolate O’hara.  It fit perfectly with the beautiful girl I had before me.





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Senior Session on a Movie Set

Today’s post is full of firsts! It’s my first blog, my first session in Georgia (my new home) and it’s my first senior picture session.

TKDphotography is please to now offer senior pictures. For my first senior session I had the pleasure of photographing Kate whose smile is stunning and personality is as well.  Kate was able to bring to life every image I had in my imagination. I had spent the days prior to the shoot going from one vintage store to the next looking for a vintage bicycle. After six shops and three towns I by chance met a sweet older gentleman who had me follow him to an old mill. There in the debris was the bike of my dreams covered in rust. A quick rinse and a red dirt road later and Kate delivered the shot.

For all my movie lovers here as a little insider scoop.  During one of my scouting trips I found this charming little town south of here named Gay. The town is the host of the Cotton Pickin Fair and I instantly fell in love with the genteel neighbors, the charming townspeople and the fairgrounds, but so had film scouts.  The filming of Wettest County in the World starring Shia LaBeouf is underway and has rights to the land. After some promising they gave me permission to use the location. Please enjoy these photos of Kate and have fun having a glimpse of the backdrop for the movie. I for one can’t wait to see the movie now.


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